Nude photo of antonio banderas in the shower

Nude photo of antonio banderas in the shower
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If you don’t want to go with a hooker, but actually find a ‘real’ women that will have sex with you for free, I have you covered already. Check out this post about how you can get any Thai girl, or check out this post about where you can meet girls in Thailand.
Go-go bars are found many places in Thailand. But they are in the biggest concentration in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Here you have districts full of go-go bars. If you want to have a beer while you are watching girls in bikini dance in front of you you should absolutely check out the go-go bars.
The girls are dancing in a bikini and sometimes naked. You get a really good look at their bodies. That way you know that it’s nothing ‘wrong’ with her when you get her back to the room. The hottest hookers of Thailand are usually working in the go-go bars, so if you want a hot girl without looking all around the town, you should probably just hit up a go-go bar.
Go-go bars are usually the most expensive place to lease a pussy. Bar fine is usually twice as much as in the nearby beer bars. The girls also charge more than in the beer bars, especially if she’s a stunner! The music is pretty loud in these places and it’s a high energy place. If you want to know your girl before you bang her, you should probably not go to the go-go bars. If you like the high energy, let yourself loose in a go-go bar. ??
When you enter a go-go, an employee will usually escort you to an available seat. She will ask you if you want something to drink. In some go-go bars you will sit alone until you choose a lady, but in some places a lady will come to you and introduce her self. This is usually not creme de la creme of the girls available in the bar.
If you don’t like the girl who introduces herself, don’t waste your time with her just to end up buying lady drinks. These girls know how to play your feelings, and it’s hard to ditch one girl for another girl that you think much hotter.
Okay. So if you are still sitting alone, and you see a girl that you like, all the girls have numbers on either their hips or their shoulders. Just call a waiter and tell them that you want to speak with number X.
Number X will then come to you, sit next to you and introduce herself. She will also ask for a lady drink as you are using her time. This is something you have to buy, or you risk that she is leaving you or not be has happy as she can be.
If you like the girl and you want to put your happy stick in her honey pot. You simply ask her what her price is. She will then tell her price for short time and long time and how much the barfine is.
If you want to do some special stuff. Like anal sex, role games or give her a face paint. This is a good time to ask her what she goes along with.
After you have given the money for the barfine to the bar, the girl will go inside the wardrobe and change to normal clothes. When she comes back she’s yours for the night.
Beer bars can be found everywhere in Thailand. Even in the smallest village out in Isaan you will find something. They are the symbol on Thailand’s sex industry. In Pattaya alone there are over 2000 beer bars with an average of 5-10 girls ready to entertain you.
They are cheaper than the go-go bars and they still have a lot of sexy girl. You just have to look around slightly more before you find something that catch your eye. Usually a more laid back vibe that I personally like more than the go-go bars. Easier to speak with the girl as the music is not loud. Will give you the GFE (girl friend experience) much more than in the go-go bars.
I don’t really have anything bad to say about the beer bars. I really love ’em. ??
When you enter a beer bar there will be sitting a lot of girls both in the bar and behind the bar. Usually all of them can be barfined. To go with a girl you ask for her price. If you agree, she’s yours. ??
Some girls will ask for a lady drink if you talk with them for a long time. But beer bar girls are usually much more laid back about this than the girls in the go-go bars.
Just to be polite I always give the bar girls a lady drink or a tip if I talk with them longer than 10 minutes. A lot of these girls are smart and funny, and their job is to entertain you. So if you had a great time, but did not barfine her, give her a lump of money. ??
Short-time bars are very similar to the beer-bars in that it is a bar with a lot of available girls hanging around. The only difference is that they have rooms in the upper floors of the bars where you can bring the girl.
Straight to business. No hassle with bar fines or bringing the girl back to your hotel. No risk that she steals your stuff or that she drug you. Much cheaper than the go-go bars and beer-bars. The girls here are the least shy girls, and a lot of them are wild as fuck.
You enter a short-time bar, sit down and order a beer. Some short-time bars are outdoor bars with an open view to the street, while other bars are hidden from the street and with air-con.
When you have found the girl that you like you simply ask her to go upstairs with you and she will go with you. When you get upstairs she will take a shower. Sometimes you will take shower together with the girl while she warm you up with a blowjob.

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