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Scotland Yard said: “Any allegations of criminality will be investigated where appropriate.”
Where do I find a prostitute/call girl?
Tao of Badass is a guide writhed by Joshua Pellicer, a living coach on the planet of romance. He attracted his inspiration from the living of encountering regular failures with women and having number strategy concerning how to correct it but, after these continuous failure to entice women, he discovered, wasn't because he did not know those proper things to do; the issue he discovered was that he had number idea what not to do.
With Tao of Badass you can learn from the best and his problems what the right way to seduce girls is.
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Prostitution in the Netherlands.
This blog was formerly about the quest of a John to find the ‘voluntary prostitute’ in the Netherlands. How does a client of prostitutes separate the forced from the voluntary ones? Is it possible? That turns out to be a very difficult question. My current believe is that prostitution can never be regulated and that it would be better if people don’t visit prostitutes. I see prostitution as paid sexual harassment, and therefore a human rights violation.
Thursday, May 12, 2011.
A Slovakian prostitute.
In the summer of 2005, when I was approximately 3 weeks in the Netherlands and worked as a prostitute, I got to know [suspect]. [Suspect] acted very sweet towards me. I had the impression that he was in love with me. After approximately 6 weeks [witness 1] and I went back to Slovakia. We have asked [suspect] to pick us up from Schiphol when we came back. We didn’t want to work anymore for the Albanian boys. I wanted to go back to Groningen to earn money myself in prostitution. After we had been in Slovakia [suspect] picked me and [witness 1] up from Schiphol and we went directly to our display window. This one was already reserved. [Suspect] brought presents with him and flowers and then said: “That is for my honey.” He behaved very courtly. At one moment I was finished with working and then I was picked up and we went to his house in Hoogezand. I have slept approximately two months together with [suspect] in his house. [Suspect] brought me to Groningen every day and also picked me up again.
At the end of August 2005 I went back again to Slovakia. I was pregnant then. About that pregnancy we had a quarrel. [Suspect] wanted an abortion. In Slovakia I then went to the hospital in connection with my epilepsy. Then I also underwent an abortion. When I laid in the hospital, I was phoned every day by [suspect]. He repeatedly asked me when I would come back. I went back to [suspect]. [Suspect] paid my airline ticket. I understood from [suspect] that his mother had paid for my airline ticket. [Suspect] told me that when I came back to the Netherlands I had to go to work again. I understood that he meant that I had to work in prostitution again. He said that at least I had to pay back the costs of the airline ticket and also that for me no other work was there for me in the Netherlands. Approximately 2 or 3 days after my arrival in the Netherlands [suspect] again brought me every day to my display window in Groningen. He also picked me up again. [Suspect] and I have talked after my return to the Netherlands about how it should continue with us because [suspect] had no work. We decided then that I would work in prostitution again. The first time that [suspect] brought me to the display window, he said that he had to pay for fuel for bringing and picking me up. He then said that I had to pay him 50 euro each day for the costs of fuel. After a week [suspect] repeatedly came to me for money. [Suspect] said that I could better give the money to him. This came approximately a month after I had come back to the Netherlands again. If I then needed something, I had to ask [suspect] for my own money. When I asked for money to [suspect] two days before I had to pay the rent I didn’t get it. I then had a problem and had to work very hard in prostitution to be able to pay the rent two days later. Since this time he began to control me and he phoned me repeatedly when I was working. When I worked during the night he often drove with the car through the street. He kept an eye on everything. I even wasn’t allowed to go out for a dinner myself in Groningen. When [suspect] came to pick me up I then always directly had to hand over my money to him.
The father of [suspect] has told me that I had to stop working in prostitution because of my epilepsy and I certainly shouldn’t hand over my earned money to his son. I told him that [suspect] took all my money. So I shouldn’t give it to him. After this conversation with the father of [suspect] [suspect] and his father engaged into a quarrel. Then for 2 weeks I was able to keep my earned money myself. After these two weeks he came again with sad stories. He then even got my money that I have saved by myself. I gave this to him even after his father had told me that I mustn’t do this. He told me again that he loved me. He told that I was the only one for him. I then started to feel pity for him and then subsequently I gave him my earned money nevertheless.

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