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AO: Because Viamed Australia is a medical company, my questions have focused on sex safety information. But what can you add about the fun of sex tourism in Bali? And what about enjoying Bali in general?
MS: Whether it is right or wrong, sex tourism will always occur to some degree in poor countries. It is, therefore, extremely important that the individuals who involve themselves in this activity understand that these people are human beings. Accordingly, these people always deserve to be treated with full understanding and complete respect. It should always be remembered that they are only doing a job and that they are generally just doing their best to support themselves and their families.
Bali is a wonderful place with beautiful people, scenery and culture. I would hope that anyone travelling to the island would enjoy and respect Bali to the highest level.
More About Malcolm Scott.
Malcolm Scott lived in Bali for nearly a decade, working as a marketing manager for a development company. Whilst there, he found himself surrounded by prostitutes, drug pedlars, drunk tourists and even more intoxicated expats. He quickly hired Balinese gang members as security only to later hire new security to protect himself from his old security. Eventually, these experiences became the material for his expose, ‘Bali Raw’.
After leaving Bali a few years ago to live in Thailand, Malcolm further explored his Balinese experiences in his book, ‘Bali Undercover’.
You can learn more about Malcolm Scott, his other books and projects, and all things Bali at his blog, Southeastasiaexpat.org.
This article and others like it are brought to you by Viamed Australia, helping the good times last since 2012.
Sex in Cuba: 5 Tips for Hooking Up.
I’m writing this piece to complement my upcoming Cuban City Guides. Sex in Cuba is complicated, so I felt the need to inform other male travellers of what to expect.
If you’re the type that pays for sex, you’ll be in a heaven. But if you’re like me, Cuba can be a frustrating place. I honestly can’t think of a country where prostitution is so ingrained and pervasive in the culture. “You fuck, you pay. That’s Cuba,” one local guy told me on my first day. If you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably heard similar statements.
“All Cuban women you meet at night are whores.”
“You cannot get laid in Cuba without paying for it or shoring.”
“It’s impossible to find ‘normal’ girls in Cuba.”
“Even good looking Cuban women you meet during the day also expect money for sex.”
“If you DO find a girl, logistics and the police will cockblock you anyway.”
Well, I’m happy to inform you that all these statements are not always true. I got laid several times in Cuba with ‘normal’ girls – all of which I met at night time. BUT IT WAS HARD.
There are several reasons why getting your Cuban flag is difficult.
It really seemed like 80% of girls had a price tag. On one occasion, I even had a perfectly normal girl, walking hand in hand with her boyfriend, get in our car over the possibility of getting some pay for play. Sadly, this is what happens when the average salary is less than $25 a month. And under communism, finding a middle or upper class girl is like finding a Jew in Mecca. The Police.
It’s de facto illegal for Cubans to walk down the street with you. On more than one occasion, we had girls we were with ARRESTED by the police! I had to make girls walk 20 metres behind me. (The sad thing is: the police don’t bother you if you are with a white Cuban girl, but if she’s black or Mulatto, they will cockblock you hard.) If you get caught, the only thing you can do is tell them she is your salsa and Spanish teacher. Logistics.
Even if you find a non-whore and evade the police, getting them into your place is another obstacle. By law, your girl is required to register her ID where you’re staying. A lot of girls (and almost all hookers) won’t register for fear of the police knocking on their door.
Here are a few tips for finding your Cuban flame…
Without Spanish you will seriously struggle in Cuba. I must have chatted up over 50 Cuban girls in my two weeks there, and only one of them spoke English. Even basic Spanish will give you a massive advantage. Private lessons are only $2-5 an hour here and can be arranged by your casa owner.
If you’re looking to learn I strongly recommend this language program. I use it for all my languages and in my opinion it’s the best on the market.
You need to approach like a boss. You need to wade through the whores and hustlers to find a good girl. I got a ton of make outs (every day for two weeks straight, in fact), but in the end many of them end up asking for something… be it a drink or a dollar. The only way to find a genuine girl is to play the numbers game. If it comes to crunch time, ask her if she minds registering at your casa. This is a great filter. If she says no, she’s probably a hooker. Normal girls will reluctantly agree. Even though it’s extremely pricey, I also recommend you get a sim card. A lot of girls can’t afford sims, so they may give you their house number or their friend’s number. Also, many can’t afford credit, so call rather than text.

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