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Key to All Mythologies — Chapter II: ј"
Welcome to the commentary for Chapter II of of Leaves . If you have missed the earlier installments, use the menu above to see what you’ve missed.
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CHAPTER II: ј” Why should this Chapter’s ‘possible title’ be ‘ј”‘, given that the incongruity of the ‘s measurements is not discovered till Chapter IV?
There are throughout the chapter inidcations of distance opening up between characters. Perhaps this is what the title reflects? (see also comments for . . . the one he had set out to make below).
I think that an incongruity, in fact, is discovered: Johnny isn’t a reliable editor. . the solid advantage of mankind. This epigraph is a quote from Chapter Three of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein . It is placed here, one assumes, because of the subsequent discussion of Navidson’s intentions vis-а-vis the actual film he went on to produce, and thus refers to him as the ‘man of genius’, whose ‘labour’ (cf. pp. 108 & 114) has turned (cf. pp. 150 & 516) to the ‘solid advantage of mankind’, but consider the quote in its entirety: I gave him [Mr. Waldman] pretty nearly the same account of my former pursuits as I had given to his fellow-professor. He heard with attention the little narration concerning my studies, and smiled at the names of Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus, but without the contempt that M. Krempe had exhibited. He said, that “these were men to whose indefatigable zeal modern philosophers were indebted for most of the foundations of their knowledge. They had left to us, as an easier task, to give new names, and arrange in connected classifications, the facts which they in a great degree had been the instruments of bringing to light. The labours of men of genius, however erroneously directed, scarcely ever fail in ultimately turning to the solid advantage of mankind.” In this instance it seems more indicative of the relationship between Zampanт and Johnny, who is picking up the pieces of this man of genius and trying to make sense of them. But if Zampanт is that genius, then why is he so determined hastily to excise any errors (cf. p. 138), since his labours, ‘ however erroneously directed ‘ should benefit mankind in some way? Perhaps it’s because he’s not a man of genius at all, but a mere frosch?` . the one he set out to make There was a heated debate a while ago in this thread, which is now sadly nigh-on unreadable due to *o*’s deleted posts, but in which Raminagrobis nevertheless fervently argued that it was totally irrelevant ‘what MZD meant to do’. Here, however, we have Zampanт fervently arguing the exact opposite, namely that both the originally intended work, and the work which was actually produced co-exist in some way; as if the hypothetical, intended work somehow haunts the actual, physical work.
Admittedly Zampanт’s point here is slightly different, because, and here we go again, ‘non est qualis erat’; it started out as one thing, but ended up as something entirely else [sic]. Perhaps the difference between those two films is what lends this Chapter its title?
Also, there are more than two films: If you count the two films posited here, you also have Tom’s Story (filmed by Tom), The Holloway Tape (by Holloway), What Some Have Thought and A Brief History of Who I Love (both by Karen). You may suggest that because they are in the end edited by Navidson, they don’t count. Not at all: Zampano is here positing two films, one of which Navidson had no control over.
April of 1990 Almost exactly a year later, Navidson will be in the myst of Exploration #5 (p424: “On the first day of April, Navidson set out . . ”). The connection is intentional, as far as I can see. Commentary to Chapter XX will explore the echoes between the two chapters more fully, but one thing should be mentioned: April is not a month picked arbitrarily. Reverdie (“re-greening”) was a popular poetic form in Medieval Europe. Some basics of the form:
· Reference to birds seeking their mates.
· The poet’s surroundings makes his thoughts turn to love, and the one he loves becomes the focus of the poem.
April is, of course, the fourth month, and as we all know four is a magic number in HoL. All sorts of things happened in the month of April, besides the beginning of Exploration #5: The Navidson Record opened in theatres in April of 1993, Quesada and Molino executed their mutiny against Magellan ‘on or around April Fools Day [cf. p. 54], which also happened to be Easter Day’, 1520 (p. 135), and almost a century later, Henry Hudon’s 4th [sic] attempt to find the northwest passage began ‘By April of 1610’ [i.e. two or three months after Lord De la Warr’s men found the ‘ftaires’ (p. 414)]. Fred de Stabenrath’s last words were supposedly uttered in April 1954 (p. 38 ); Taggert Chiclitz’s play The Minotaur was performed on April 14, 1972 (p. 111); Tex’s tea party was held on ‘one unremarkable Saturday in April’ (p. 297); and the Whalestoe was closed in April 1993 (p. 503).

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