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“It’s a matter of survival for these people,” he said. “If they’re being controlled by a pimp, they absolutely have to get back out there and earn money, because their lives are at stake.”
“It’s hard to describe the incredible amount of control a pimp has over a prostitute,” he said. “It’s very similar to what POWs go through in war. To break somebody down to that point where they’re either terrified or you are the center of everything to them.”
That understanding has changed how Seattle police have cracked down on prostitution in the last five years.
Detectives now connect women to service providers like Gomez and crack down on the customers instead. In addition to being charged, police impound their cars, and the johns must pay the tow fee and a $1,000 fee to get their cars back.
Police believe it will be more effective – and fair – than booking the women.
This brings us to the last answer to your question, Beth.
Another reason there is so much prostitution on Aurora Avenue North is because there are buyers here.
Umporowicz and Gomez said it is ultimately up to the buyers – until men stop cruising Aurora, this road will remain a track.
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Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.
The Problem of Street Prostitution.
What This Guide Does and Does Not Cover.
This guide addresses the problem of street prostitution, focusing on female prostitutes and male clients. It begins by describing the problem and reviewing factors that contribute to it. It then identifies a series of questions to help you analyze your local problem. Finally, it reviews responses to the problem, and what is known about them from evaluative research and practice.
Street prostitution is only one of a number of sexual activity-related problems the police must address. This guide is limited to addressing the particular harms street prostitution creates. Related problems not directly addressed in this guide include.

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