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Sorry for being a bit long winded about this, but too often I see people neglecting to mention how important the underlying issues are to the overlying problem, and very few people even want to acknowledge what is really at stake.
InSpurred – 01/07/2017, 08:33 pm.
I don't disagree with you about the poverty but this could be greatly alleviated if the Kleptocrats could be dealt with first. To give you some idea of how venal these people are, the UK gov donated ?5 million's worth of Mosquito Nets. High ranking Cambodian officers met with the donors and asked for a 15% customs duty before they would accept the gift. The UK refused to pay and threatened to withdraw the gift. The Cam officials relented and the goods were landed. They were then immediately sold to neighbouring Burma and the assumption is that the corrupt gov officials pocketed the money.
Hun Sen has a salary of $1,100 per month and yet has managed to accumulate an estimated fortune of $300 million in a country where most people are living on $3 a day. Take at look at Lexus ownership and you will will several thousand cars costing the equivalent of 50 years wages to the average Khmer, and great big chunks of this are funded by foreign aid, particularly from the EU and US.
The NGO's that are reported to be combating paedophiles are on the whole a scam, which are funded by naive foreign donors who do not realise that the people running them are enjoying the holiday of their lives, driving around in 4×4's with their Khmer g/f's. There is no doubt that there is a paedo tourist problem. but there is an even greater problem with local peados who account for 98% of the abusers. In recent years typically there have been in the region of 12-20 prosecutions of foreign paedos, and in just about every case, every NGO claims that they were the people who helped bring this man to justice. If you think about it, if they were all involved, the perpetrator was to dumb to realise that he had 20 people following him. The reality is that the only time that a foreign paedo was ever prosecuted, was when the police could not extort sufficient money from him after he was dumb enough to do his business away from a kiddie brothel. Most foreign paedos are not caught by these NGO's but as a result of suspicious Hotel Staff contacting the police. And though the problem is 98% local paedos, the NGO's never manage to alert the police to local paedos.
Mention is made of fact that you can ask any TutTuk driver, waiter etc, if you are looking to molest a child and they will soon deliver for you. Simple question: If every TukTuk driver in PP knows where to take you to find children to abuse, then why don't the Police know? More to the point, how is it that the NGO's can never find these places? The answer is quite simple. They do know, but most of these places are either owned by the police/gov/military, or paying protection to them. If they start to report on these they will very quickly find that their holiday of a lifetime is brought to an abrupt end when they are deported.
There are one or two "pro-active" NGO's but they are also known to use questionable methods such as "honey traps". These require that they get under-age girls who can pass for 18+ to entrap unsuspecting victims. Follow him to the hotel and then call the police. What is the real difference between this and a "Murphy Game". If you are unfamiliar with the term, it involves a prostitute luring a client to be robbed or blackmailed by an accomplice.
Contrary to your suggestion about setting up a fund to deal with it, I would propose cutting all foreign aid to the country until this problem is solved. Hun Sen loves to get his snout in the trough which is the main source of his wealth. Don't fill that trough and then see how quickly he takes action. Notwithstanding his Kleptocracy, most Khmers that I know would welcome this in exactly the same way that black S. Africans welcomed sanctions which eventually led to the end of apartheid.
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