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Buy a copy of “The New Paper”, a local tabloid Singapore newspaper, flip to the classifieds section in the centre and you will be spoilt for choice. Massage parlours have sprouted up all over the island and some small ones can even be found in usually quiet and reserved residential estates.
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Prostitution in Singapore.
Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world and one of the most enduring. It is probably the only profession that will remain the same throughout all of history as there will always be a supply and there will always be a demand. You can find prostitution anywhere you go, but in ultra-conservative Singapore, it took me by surprise to find out that prostitution is not illegal here.
Here’s a quote from the “2008 Human Rights Report: Singapore” as per the U.S. Department of State:
Prostitution itself is not illegal; however, public solicitation, living on the earnings of a prostitute, and maintaining a brothel are illegal. The authorities periodically carried out crackdowns on solicitation for prostitution and arrested and deported foreign prostitutes, particularly when their activities took place outside informally designated red-light areas. In practice police unofficially tolerated and monitored a limited number of brothels; prostitutes in such establishments were required to undergo periodic health checks and carry a health card.
( Note : The quote says ‘foreign prostitutes’ because the majority of prostitutes in Singapore are not locals. They are from the poorer surrounding countries and enter Singapore on a temporary visa, during which time they engage in prostitution to raise capital. They then return home and, I assume, repeat the cycle as necessary. )
Coming from the US, legalized prostitution is nothing new to me. It’s legal in Nevada and until earlier this year it was legal in Rhode Island. However, I grew up in a conservative family and spent most of my childhood in the South, which is commonly referred to as the Bible Belt. Until I was older and put more thought to the subject I viewed all prostitutes as inherently evil. I now know that most prostitution is done out of necessity. That doesn’t make it right in my eyes, just understandable.
I had always assumed that this sort of activity was illegal in Singapore. The laws are very strict here, including fines for eating or drinking on public transit and the outlawing of chewing gum. So, I can’t help but wonder why prostitution is legal. I see it as dangerous and morally reprehensible, but that could just be a cultural difference. When it comes right down to it, consensual prostitution doesn’t really hurt anybody, and given the prostitute’s circumstances it may be beneficial to her (or him) financially. The banning of prostitution in Singapore could be more detrimental than helpful to social order. Or another way to look at it would be that since it’s not a problem, there’s no reason to fix it.
Legality aside, there are three places in Singapore that are known for prostitution. I’ve mentioned most of them in passing in previous posts, but I’ll detail them here again.
The first place is the Geylang area. Singapore is divided up into town areas for political and governance reasons. Geylang is located in eastern Singapore along the East-West MRT Green Line. The MRT won’t drop you directly in Geylang. You have to get off at the Aljunied station and then catch a bus the rest of the way. It’s not a long ride. Geylang itself is a sort of seedy looking place. It’s an older part of town that’s a bit run down. A lot of the buildings look like they’ve been standing since before Singapore was Singapore. The best spots for finding prostitutes in Geylang is to look in the mostly dark alleys around Lorongs 10 thru 12.
The second place that’s fairly famous for prostitutes is Lucky Plaza. Lucky Plaza is a mall along Orchard Road that caters mostly to the needs of Filipino foreign workers and Permanent Residents. The mall contains shops that sell imported Filipino goods, remittance centers, Internet cafes, and Filipino restaurants. It also has a lot of Filipina prostitutes. If you click through on the link at the beginning of this paragraph there’s a photo of two of them in that post.
The last place is Orchard Towers, which is also known as the Four Floors of Whores. It’s located at the end of Orchard Road, next door to the Thai Embassy. My wife and I had heard rumors about the place but we’d never actually been there. So, when we were out enjoying this year’s Christmas decorations we figured, why not? We were close to it anyway. As I walked up to the building and peeked down the stairs I saw two girls hanging around in the hallway area. It was obvious what they were up to. My wife had looked around the corner of the mall and told me to come see. She said there was a whole bunch of them lined up back there. So, being the ass that I am, I turned on the video recording function of my camera and recorded as I walked down the side of the mall. How many prostitutes can you count in the video below?

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Women and girls are no doubt more vulnerable in this conflict situation. They are systematically raped by the Burmese military. A 2002 report called, “License to Rape” by the Shan Women’s Action Network gathered international attention. And there have been other documented reports of rape cases in other ethnic minorities. (Note that these reports never reach to local people. The Burmese government disputes all the documentation of rape cases). Given these situations in Burma, these women and girls have no choice but to seek a “better life” in Thailand.
The villagers in Burma might be aware of being trafficked.В But they do not want to live under the oppression of Burmese government. To migrate to thailand illegally, they need smugglers to leave the village to the enticement of traffickers offering a way to make money. And as you might have known from the readings, they have been sold to brothel owners, and became sex workers, to pay for the debt bondage.
The general Thais see Burmese migrant workers as the enemy who came to Thailand. In general, women are vulnerable to physical and sexual abuses.
“There were two women living together, one had a work permit, and one didn’t. They were raided by the police and taken into custody. The police demanded money, from one of the girls, and searched her vagina for money, and cut her long hair to humiliate her. She had to go to hospital for bodily injury from the search.” (PHR interview, 2004 Thailand)
Some traffickers of women and girls are police, border and immigration officials. Thus, the Burmese victims of trafficking are not identified as such by the Thai authorities, but are instead considered illegal migrants, are arrested and detained, and in some cases, they have been trafficked again by the officials themselves. Punishment of victims of trafficking without prosecution of traffickers reinforces the pattern of exploitation of women and girls.
To sum up, the Burmese government’s human rights violation especially to ethnic minorities is one of the main factors fueling sex trafficking.Then, a lack of laws or failure of implementing laws that protect Burmese migrant workers in Thailand makes sex trafficked victims more vulnerable.
To eliminate trafficking will definitely take time. In the mean time, lots of international organizations that focus on anti-trafficking activities provide support for trafficked victims in Thailand. Other ethnic minority organizations also involve in those cases. There have been reports of interviews with those victims to raise awareness of these issues. I will look into the work of NGOs in helping trafficking victims in the following week.
Learning about sex trafficking…
For whatever reason, I keep finding myself confronted by issues pertaining to the sex trafficking industry, particularly that in South East Asia. The other day, my church showed a preview for a movie–opening today–dealing with the sex trafficking industry and how musicians are responding to it. It’s called Call + Response , and it looked like a compelling movie. I went home and found the preview on youtube; you can watch it here.
I was surprised and disappointed to see that it had received so few views: as I write, it has only received 11,561. This prompted me to search two of my favorite sites to learn new stuff, youtube and wikipedia, to see what kind of information/resources were readily available online.
What I found was both depressing and encouraging. The encouraging thing was how easy it was to find resources of all varieties on sex trafficking online. The first hit on a google search of “sex trafficking” was The Global Fund for Women (!), and an image search of the keyword led to some images like those found on this blog, which deals with prostitution in Korea. (I know Korea is East Asia, not South East Asia, but I think the blog is still relevant.)(I would have shown the pictures, but I couldn’t get my browser to upload properly.)
The depressing part was the reality that so many so young girls are forced to live. Roughly a million girls are trafficked across boarders each year (according to wikipedia), but about 21 million are in forced prostitution worldwide (meaning that most girls are victims of domestic trafficking). Some sources I found said that sex trafficking is the largest illicit global economy–bigger than drugs and illegal arms. Now that’s quite a statement.
I spent about an hour watching videos on youtube, all of them illuminating the industry in some fashion. Many had to do with Cambodia. If you want to learn more, I would recommend following this link to one video, and then following the rabbit trail that youtube will lead you on. People are watching the videos: many have around 200,000 views.
Many of these videos were posted by organizations that are working on the ground to help the women and girls, and I checked out some of their websites. So while this issue is depressing, at least some people care…
Exploring the Impacts of the Sex Trade in S. Asia.

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