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Adult comic gallery strip
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After this the orator again attacks him for the manner in which he had borrowed the money: he had paid neither interest nor principal; he had let the day of payment lapse, and by a court verdict had been adjudged in default; and a branded slave of his had been seized as security; finally, after many other accusations against him Lysias concludes: “But enough of this, gentlemen of the court; not towards me alone has he been that sort of man, but towards all others who have had dealings with him. Do not the retail-dealers who live near him, and from whom he gets credit without paying his bills, shut up their shops and go to law with him, while his neighbours are so ill-treated by him that they abandon their own houses and hire others far away? And as for all the club-contributions which he has collected — he does not pay out the sums left over, but they are as completely ruined by this swindling peddler as (a chariot which crashes when) rounding the turning-post. And so many people go to his house at day-break to claim what is owing to them that the passers-by imagine that he is dead, and that they have come to attend his funeral. Moreover, the Peiraeus merchants are in such a state of mind that it seems much safer to them to send a ship to the Adriatic than to lend money to him. For in fact he regards what he borrows as far more his own than what his father bequeathed to him. Why! Has he not acquired the property of Hermaeus the perfume-seller, after seducing his wife, who was seventy years old? Pretending to be in love with her, he put her in such a state of mind that he made beggars of her husband and her sons, and promoted himself from the condition of peddler to that of perfume-seller; with such erotic passion did he treat ‘the girlie’ the while he enjoyed her ‘youth.’ Why! It was easier to count her teeth than the fingers of one’s hand, so much fewer were they. Witnesses of these facts, step up on the platform. — So the life of the sophist is as I have described it.” So much, then, for what Lysias has said, my Cynulcus. As for myself, I have spoken, to quote the tragic poet Aristarchus, “Not as the aggressor in these things, but as the avenger,” and I will now bring to a close the speech here spoken against you and the other Cynic-Dogs.
2014 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
Troutco is pleased to once again serve as Volunteer Coordinator for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. This will be our 17th year recruiting and managing volunteers for this great event.
If you live in Southern California – don’t miss the chance to be part of the amazing team of volunteers that host this extraordinary community event! To find out more and register as a volunteer, visit
Movies seen in 2013 – Troutco’s Annual List.
Another strong movie-going year, and one in which there is little consensus on what the ‘best film’ is as the critics groups were widely split. This should make for an interesting Oscar race – but more than anything – it shows there were a number of strong films to pick from this year worthy of award or top-ten consideration. I ranked these based on my own personal reactions to ’em — but all the films in my top 20-25 this year were either entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking or all of the above. If you haven’t seen some of them, perhaps my reviews of their pros, cons and the audience they are slanted for will help you find some interesting rentals in the year to come.
1 **** The Spectacular Now – The struggle that Indy films face is – they shine in obscurity. I went to the multi-plex to see this little advertised but well reviewed teen ‘romance’ — and the young lady at the box office, when I asked for a ticket said: “What? Is that playing here? Let me check.” True enough – it was only playing a few showings a day (in its second week) – and I watched this little gem in a small theatre with only two other people in attendance. What a loss – as this is the first ‘teen’ movie I’ve seen in years that truly captures the budding maturity (and immaturity) of what high school is really like. An incredibly appealing, if largely unknown, cast brings a real tenderness and vulnerability to life in the teens. While it is being marketed as a romance – and is, in fact, touchingly romantic – the film has a far more interesting agenda in mind. I was lucky to see this without any idea of where it was going – and so taken unaware by its central conceit. Suffice is to say – without revealing any spoilers – that it focuses on the relation of living for the future, living in the past, or living for the moment. This is funny, tender, heart breaking and happily veers left and right to avoid the cliches that high school movies are generally constructed upon. A little gem! Was it the best film of the year? Possibility not – but it is the one that surprised and interested me the most at the time I saw it. There’s something to be said for going into a movie with no preconceptions or expectations.

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