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There are 500 Chinese and 200 European women in prostitution in Bangkok, many of whom entered Thailand illegally, often through Burma and Laos. Earlier reports, however, suggest there were thousands of foreign women in the sex industry. (Police Colonel Sanit Meephan, deputy chief of Tourism Police Bureau, “Thailand popular haunt for foreign prostitues,” The Nation , 15 January 1997)
Russian females, supplied by prostitution rings in Pattaya and Bangkok, have become a common sight since 1994. Although no one knows their exact number, some estimate there are at least 20 in Pattaya and hundreds flying in and out upon orders given mostly by wealthy Thai men. (“Pattaya: Murder, prostitution and tourists,” Bangkok Post , 22 April 1998)
Of the estimated 20,000 prostitutes in Pattaya, hundreds are children who are either lured from their villages by the idea of opportunity or by criminal networks. (Mark Baker, “Sin city can’t shake vice’s grip,” Sydney Morning Herald , 17 May 1997)
Chinese women paid Bt40,000 to Bt50,000 for expenses and received Bt1,500 to Bt2,000 for servicing men. Procurers take at least half of what the women make. Those women from Europe paid Bt60,000 to Bt70,000 for expenses and stayed at apartments in Pratunam or Soi Nana. As Westerners, the women received a comparatively more, Bt4,000 to Bt5,000 for servicing men in area venues in Thong Lor, Sukhumvit and Sam Yan. (“Thailand popular haunt for foreign prostitues,” The Nation , 15 January 1997)
In 1991, Thai women were being sold to Japan for US$2,4000-18,000 each. (CATW – Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific )
Many Thai girls, some in their early teens, have been reported at various times working in brothels in Sydney, Australia. An investigation is underway into a gang trafficking Southeast Asian girls to North America and Australia. (“Survival the name of the game,” Bangkok Post , 3 July 1998)
Girls, age 13-15, from Ban Vanaluang, were sold to pimps for 5,00 – 10,000 baht by their parents, who may be drug addicted. The girls are deceived about their destination, which is often Chiang Mai. (Anjira Assavanonda, “Drugs and prostitution flourish in quiet village,” Bangkok Post, 3 January 1998) Trafficking women and children from the Mekong countries – China, Burma, Laos and Cambodia has been increasing. The largest groups of newly trafficked women into the sex industry are from Burma’s Shan state, and minority women from the Northwest border areas. (1996 study conducted at 40 commerical venues in Bangkok, Kulachada Chaipipat, “New law targets human trafficking,” The Nation , 30 Novermber 1997) Experts fear a resurgence of commercial sexual exploitation, child prostitution and human trafficking across the region, because Thailand’s economic meltdown has doubled unemployment to more than two million people; pay cuts have reduced living standards for millions more and the government has cut social security funding. Experts warn conditions are ripe for sex traffickers – “job brokers” who sell women and girls to brothels in Thailand and overseas. (“Survival the name of the game,” Bangkok Post , 3 July 1998)
Child trafficking will increase in Thailand due to the Asian economic crisis. There is a child labor shortage resulting in a need for labor from neighboring poorer countries as well as an increase in domestic child labor. Middle class Thai children are increasingly becoming involved in prostitution, drugs, and begging. (“Children hard-hit by Asian crisis,” United Press International , 22 September 1998)
The Asian economic crisis is leading to an increase in street children in Thailand. Before the crisis the majority (80%) of street children where from poor families; in 1998, 10-15% of the children are from middle class families. The children are involved in prostitution, drugs, and begging. Some have lived in the streets so long and have suffered abuse, that they begin abusing younger street children and trafficking in children for prostitution. Official estimates there are 15,000 street children. (“Expert says Thailand turns into hub of child trafficking,” Bangkok Pos t, 22 September 1998)
Thousands of girls from China’s southern are trafficked into Thailand’s sex industry; some go on to Malaysia or Singapore. The economic crisis has no impact on this segment of the sex industry. More affluent Chinese businessmen from mainland China or Taiwan who do business in Thailand purchase sex from these Chinese girls. (Supalak Ganjanakhundee, “Migrant workers booming as Asian economy declines,” Kyodo News , 23 September 1998)
Thailand is becoming a center for human trafficking, taking in people from neighboring countries and sending its own citizens to developed nations such as Japan. (Supalak Ganjanakhundee, “Migrant workers booming as Asian economy declines,” Kyodo News , 23 September 1998)
Methods and Techniques of Traffickers.
Victims of trafficking from other nations are easily deceived or lured because they face poverty, unemployment, broken families and unstable governments in their own countries. (Sirinya Wattanasukchai, “Flesh trade shrugs off new risks,” The Nation , 1 May 1997)

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