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Bella is one of many B.C. sex workers fighting to make the industry a legitimate part of the business landscape in an effort to improve working conditions. With the help of an experienced escort manager and a pair of activists, she launched Victoria Independent Providers in June: a licensed escort agency that charges escorts fair fees for booking and promotion services and doesn’t rely on intimidation and extortion. The business model will, in theory, attract talent away from abusive workplaces, while also appealing to clients who want to know they’re not playing a part in another person’s misery. “We want to change the way things are run in the industry,” Bella says.
Another group of sex workers is pushing for a co-op brothel in east Vancouver to bring street-level sex workers indoors, while a third is launching a legal challenge to strip away Canada’s prostitution laws altogether. And much like the controversies surrounding Insite, Vancouver’s landmark safe-injection drug facility, talk of decriminalization and/or legal amnesty for sex workers has drawn intense protest. There are two points, however, where the opposing sides in the prostitution debate generally agree: what has been done in the past has not worked, and it’s time to try something new. With the Olympics coming and the world’s eyes about to train on our most glaring urban sore – Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – B.C. is becoming a battleground where we might finally have to decide how prostitution fits in our society.
Historically, keeping the sex industry out of sight was relatively easy, with authorities and residents chasing outside sex workers from one neighbourhood to another. The Downtown Eastside has long been the exception: sex workers have had a near-constant home there since the birth of the city over 120 years ago. But with the agreement in 2004 to turn the central Woodward’s building into a condo complex, the area has been the focus of a flurry of gentrification, and many are wondering if the new, more upscale denizens will tolerate the area sex trade. History indicates they may not be. In the early ’80s, West End residents obtained an injunction against street-based sex workers in their neighbourhood. Similarly, in the early ’90s, Mount Pleasant residents teamed up with police to carry out “shame the john” campaigns, publishing the names of sex workers’ clients, and in 2003 Yaletown residents pressured city hall to forbid escort agencies and massage parlours from operating in its live/work areas. If the same sort of thing happens in the Downtown Eastside, where will the trade go next?
That question worries Patricia Barnes, director of the neighbouring Hastings North Business Improvement Association (BIA), whose territory covers the commercial strip along Hastings Street east of Commercial Drive as well as a swath of light industry stretching south from the Vancouver port. She was hired in 2001 – almost 20 years after the first name was included on a list of more than 60 women to go missing from the Downtown Eastside. The industrial area Barnes represents has long been host to street-level prostitution – a result, she says, of a city-sanctioned strategy to get sex workers away from residential neighbourhoods.
“Along with the sex workers came the pimps, the drug dealers and the johns. So light industrial areas became these areas of human misery,” Barnes notes. She describes used needles and condoms in the alleys, homeless people sleeping in doorways and acts of public violence. Business owners have complained over the years about the safety of their late- and early-shift employees, and about the impression the neighbourhood leaves with suppliers and clients. For Barnes the problem became acute in 2002, when the number of sex workers in the industrial lands suddenly spiked. Violence and drug use increased, and johns circled the streets constantly; soon, says Barnes, members were calling the BIA office, demanding to know why the problem was getting worse.
Turns out Vancouver police had recently carried out a vice operation on a sex-worker stroll on Kingsway around Knight Street, pushing them out of the area. The women moved into Strathcona and Hastings North in search of new places to work. It left Barnes with a dilemma. When police enforce anti-prostitution laws in one area, sex workers simply relocate, she explains – and when residents of the next area complain to the police, it can often get pushed right back to where it started. Now it was her turn to choose. Would she lobby to have the sex workers pushed out yet again, or would she try something different? [pagebreak]
Curiously, despite all the attention street-level sex workers get, experts estimate only 10 to 15 per cent of the sex industry in B.C. is based outdoors, with most of it taking place in homes, hotels or municipally licensed businesses. The City of Vancouver offers two business licences that appear designed to facilitate prostitution: escort agencies and body rub parlours. Although neither licence specifically mentions the practice, it’s arguably implied by omission. In contrast, a licence for a health enhancement centre explicitly forbids prostitution from taking place in the business, and it costs $200 a year. The body rub licence doesn’t have that rule, and it costs $8,600 a year – more than any other business licence in Vancouver except for a Class-2 casino, a horseracing track and the PNE.


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I did not go to Rabat, ended up in Fez instead. I wanted to see more off the country, but after some days in Tangier I got fed up by all the hussling and pushy people, so I got on the ferry to Algeciras, Spain and travelled the coast all the way up to Barcelona.
Of all the arab,middle eastern countries I have been to, I never experienced more hussle and people trying to scam and rip me off. Egypt is a good second.
Yeah I agree with the travelling alone part.
Alot of the men in these middle eastern countries got a twisted look and mentality on western girls.
It okay for them to get down with western girls.
Once in Amman Jordan, is was looking for nightclubs and bars to have a beer and met girls (def. not the place).
So I ended up asking a guy in a convinent store where I could go to met women and get a beer, he almost smacked me and told me to get the fuck out!
English is not widely spoken here .
That is what I am talking about.
The crackdown of bringing girls to hotels/being stopped in the streets by police I feel is only a dilemma in the larger cities and there outlying areas. In Casablanca-Mohemmdia, I was stopped and extremely questioned for being in the company of two very fine looking ladies (i had only asked them for directions, and they agreed to take me to where I wanted to go). I did not have this problem in the smaller cities, such as Meknes and Jedda, I walked in the streets holding hands with some girls. Again, very location based, why that is, I do not know. The night life, however, is more than what you’d expect for a country that is 99% Muslim. One night club I had attended in Mohemmdia, women were dressed quite sexy, with alcohol dotting most tables. Friend of mine warned me, however, that most girls in these clubs are indeed hookers, and to stay away from any girl who approaches you. Difficult to do, but hey, do what you want, id say.
My first stop was at the slightly small city of Meknes, which I think is in the greater area of Fez. From what I’ve noticed, game amongst the general populace isn’t exactly looked down upon, especially if you give off that foreigner vibe. If you show you’re from the west, that plays a big part in scoring. I tell you, some of the finest women I had seen in awhile lived here, I even saw a few ladies with tattoos! (I doubt they were foreign, didn’t have that foreign touch to them, and spoke very good maghreb style arabic). I had one girl in a cafe (Morocco is big on cafes) approach me and hand me her phone number. Again, she wanted to meet in a VERY expensive hotel in Meknes, so I decided to rather not, but it shows that women here are at least “in it”. The one notch I had procured off Morocco, (not bad for a beginner for a month? haha) was in Meknes, again a lady at a fancy restaurant. (Moroccans make better pizza than Americans, go figure. ) She was a combo of Berber-French. Gave her my phone number, few dates, and it happened. The language barrier was fun (this nice lady did not mind I had to use a combo of french, broken arabic and hand signals to communicate), and I felt a nice connection to her.
The general vibe I picked up from most moroccan ladies, is one of a warm, tender nature, at least in the smaller cities. The girl I had previously discussed wanted me over to her house to cook for me, and introduce me to her family, sisters, etc. Now given a lady of the same general clothing style and age in the west, you wouldn’t expect such warmth, well it’s present in Morocco. While every place has its bad apples (particularly in casablanca). Women here respond best to acts of love and kindness, so if you see that cute moroccan lady over at the ticket booth or cafe, don’t be afraid to buy her a rose and ask her out, that kinda shit works here. Moroccan cuisine is also to die for, with Cous cous, Harrecha, the style of tea that is made, so you’ll want these ladies cooking for you.
All in all, I’d recommend morocco if your up for something a little different. I personally enjoy the moroccan complexion, caramel to tan, curly hair’d and whatnot. It does get somewhat difficult in certain areas, but if you play your cards right, and smart, you can definetly pull.
If you’re ever in the Casablanca area, I’d recommend looking up Vikki Beach. Not too sure on this one, however.
Most Relevant Verses.
When Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot, for she had covered her face.
Then Joshua the son of Nun sent two men as spies secretly from Shittim, saying, “Go, view the land, especially Jericho ” So they went and came into the house of a harlot whose name was Rahab, and lodged there.
“They have also cast lots for My people, Traded a boy for a harlot And sold a girl for wine that they may drink.
He asked the men of her place, saying, “Where is the temple prostitute who was by the road at Enaim?” But they said, “There has been no temple prostitute here.”
Theasaurus: Prostitution.
More Verses on Prostitution.
“They die in youth, And their life perishes among the cult prostitutes.
‘Do not profane your daughter by making her a harlot, so that the land will not fall to harlotry and the land become full of lewdness.

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After this the orator again attacks him for the manner in which he had borrowed the money: he had paid neither interest nor principal; he had let the day of payment lapse, and by a court verdict had been adjudged in default; and a branded slave of his had been seized as security; finally, after many other accusations against him Lysias concludes: “But enough of this, gentlemen of the court; not towards me alone has he been that sort of man, but towards all others who have had dealings with him. Do not the retail-dealers who live near him, and from whom he gets credit without paying his bills, shut up their shops and go to law with him, while his neighbours are so ill-treated by him that they abandon their own houses and hire others far away? And as for all the club-contributions which he has collected — he does not pay out the sums left over, but they are as completely ruined by this swindling peddler as (a chariot which crashes when) rounding the turning-post. And so many people go to his house at day-break to claim what is owing to them that the passers-by imagine that he is dead, and that they have come to attend his funeral. Moreover, the Peiraeus merchants are in such a state of mind that it seems much safer to them to send a ship to the Adriatic than to lend money to him. For in fact he regards what he borrows as far more his own than what his father bequeathed to him. Why! Has he not acquired the property of Hermaeus the perfume-seller, after seducing his wife, who was seventy years old? Pretending to be in love with her, he put her in such a state of mind that he made beggars of her husband and her sons, and promoted himself from the condition of peddler to that of perfume-seller; with such erotic passion did he treat ‘the girlie’ the while he enjoyed her ‘youth.’ Why! It was easier to count her teeth than the fingers of one’s hand, so much fewer were they. Witnesses of these facts, step up on the platform. — So the life of the sophist is as I have described it.” So much, then, for what Lysias has said, my Cynulcus. As for myself, I have spoken, to quote the tragic poet Aristarchus, “Not as the aggressor in these things, but as the avenger,” and I will now bring to a close the speech here spoken against you and the other Cynic-Dogs.
2014 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
Troutco is pleased to once again serve as Volunteer Coordinator for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. This will be our 17th year recruiting and managing volunteers for this great event.
If you live in Southern California – don’t miss the chance to be part of the amazing team of volunteers that host this extraordinary community event! To find out more and register as a volunteer, visit
Movies seen in 2013 – Troutco’s Annual List.
Another strong movie-going year, and one in which there is little consensus on what the ‘best film’ is as the critics groups were widely split. This should make for an interesting Oscar race – but more than anything – it shows there were a number of strong films to pick from this year worthy of award or top-ten consideration. I ranked these based on my own personal reactions to ’em — but all the films in my top 20-25 this year were either entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking or all of the above. If you haven’t seen some of them, perhaps my reviews of their pros, cons and the audience they are slanted for will help you find some interesting rentals in the year to come.
1 **** The Spectacular Now – The struggle that Indy films face is – they shine in obscurity. I went to the multi-plex to see this little advertised but well reviewed teen ‘romance’ — and the young lady at the box office, when I asked for a ticket said: “What? Is that playing here? Let me check.” True enough – it was only playing a few showings a day (in its second week) – and I watched this little gem in a small theatre with only two other people in attendance. What a loss – as this is the first ‘teen’ movie I’ve seen in years that truly captures the budding maturity (and immaturity) of what high school is really like. An incredibly appealing, if largely unknown, cast brings a real tenderness and vulnerability to life in the teens. While it is being marketed as a romance – and is, in fact, touchingly romantic – the film has a far more interesting agenda in mind. I was lucky to see this without any idea of where it was going – and so taken unaware by its central conceit. Suffice is to say – without revealing any spoilers – that it focuses on the relation of living for the future, living in the past, or living for the moment. This is funny, tender, heart breaking and happily veers left and right to avoid the cliches that high school movies are generally constructed upon. A little gem! Was it the best film of the year? Possibility not – but it is the one that surprised and interested me the most at the time I saw it. There’s something to be said for going into a movie with no preconceptions or expectations.

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Here is the situation in other European Union countries:
Sweden pioneered the punishment of those who pay for sex in 1999, with six-month prison terms and a fine based on the client's income. It remains to be seen whether the law can be enforced owing to a rise in use of the Internet to procure sex.
Norway followed Sweden's example in 2009. A six-month prison term can be raised to one year if the nature of the sex act is "particularly degrading". Sex workers initially faded from view in Oslo but are gradually returning.
Those who pay for sex can go to prison for a year if the sex worker is an adult, or for two years if the prostitute is a minor. No prison terms have been handed down so far by courts in those three countries.
Pimping and soliciting are both illegal. Clients of prostitutes forced into sex work are prosecuted, even if the client was unaware of any coercion. But prostitution is not a violation if the sex worker is self-employed, owns the site where sex takes place and does not create a public nuisance.
Seeking sex from a prostitute is punished by up to 10 years in prison, but prostitution itself is not forbidden and "massage parlours" are tolerated.
Barcelona levies fines of up to 3,000 euros ($4,050) for clients, and from € 300-750 euros for prostitutes working on the street. Madrid has proposed fines of €750-3,000 for clients. Prostitution itself is tolerated in Spain, and La Junquera, a town on the border with France, has an active sex industry.
Prostitution was legalized in 1999. Sex workers must declare their earnings and pay taxes. In 2012, experts concluded that adopting the Swedish model would probably not lead to a decline in prostitution.
Prostitution has been regulated since 2002. Voluntary sex workers can be either independent or salaried and get unemployment insurance and medical coverage. Brothels exist but it is illegal to pimp someone out against their will.
Voluntary prostitution by adults was legalized in 2000, along with pimping of willing workers. Sex workers in established brothels receive salaries and have work contracts, social protection, unemployment insurance and pensions.
Prostitution is allowed unless it is forced. Sex workers must be at least 16. In August, Zurich launched a sex "drive-in", a new addition to the sector.
Prostitution is authorised in registered, regulated brothels.
Sex workers can register as independent workers and brothels are authorised in some cities. A special 'Eros Centre' with bedrooms, parking for clients, and an on-site medical centre and police station is planned for 2016 near Liege.
Some forbid prostitution but do not punish clients, as in Finland and Romania.
Others tolerate it but prosecute pimping and solicitation, such as in Estonia, Italy, Poland and Portugal.
Prostitution in Germany.
Prostitution in Germany is legal, as are all aspects of the sex industry, including brothels, advertisement, and job offers through HR companies. Prostitution is widespread and regulated by the German government, which levies taxes on it. [1] In 2002, the government changed the law in an effort to improve the legal situation of prostitutes. However, the social stigmatization of prostitutes persists and many prostitutes continue to lead a double life. [2] Human rights organizations consider the resulting common exploitation of women from Eastern and Southeastern Europe to be the main problem associated with the profession.
Middle Ages to Confederation (1815)
Prostitution in historically German lands has never been outlawed and been described since the middle ages. Since the 13th century, several German cities operated brothels known as Frauenhauser (“women’s houses”); [3] the practice of prostitution was considered a necessary evil, a position already held by Saint Augustine (354-430). Some municipalities actively encouraged it and far from existing on the margins, prostitutes were often honoured guests, who maintained domestic order as an outlet and lesser evil to such things as adultery and rape. [4] Emperor Sigismund (1368–1437) thanked the city of Konstanz in writing for providing some 1,500 prostitutes for the Council of Constance which took place from 1414 to 1418. [5]
Prostitutes were more vigorously persecuted beginning in the 16th century, with the start of the Reformation and the appearance of syphilis.
The Confederations (1815-1871), German Empire (1871-1918) and Republic (1918-1933)
Beginning in the 19th century, prostitutes in many regions had to register with police or local health authorities and submit to regular health checks to curb venereal diseases.
In Imperial Germany (1871–1918) attitudes to prostitution were ambivalent. While prostitution was tolerated as a necessary function to provide for male sexuality outside of marriage, it was frowned on as a threat to contemporary moral images of women’s sexuality. Therefore, state policy concentrated on regulation rather than abolition. This was mainly at the municipal level. The state regulation at the same time created an atmosphere which at the same time defined what was considered proper, and proper feminine sexuality. Controls were particularly tight in the port city of Hamburg. The regulations included defining the dress and conduct both inside and outside of brothels, of prostitutes. Thus their occupation defined their lives as a separate class of women, on the margins of society. [6] [7] It is estimated that in 1900 there were 50,000 women working as prostitutes in Berlin. [8]

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