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My mom looked like she was going to cry, and I realized, like a sudden kick to the throat, what a terrible mistake I had made. This was worse than sticking your head above the crowd. It was assembling a crowd for her beheading.

My mom looked like she was going to cry, and I realized, like a sudden kick to the throat, what a terrible mistake I had made. This was worse than sticking your head above the crowd. It was assembling a crowd for her beheading.
“Why would you do this to me?” my mom whispered as I pulled out the cake Ron had bought from the grocery store. Everybody sang “Happy Birthday,” but it was awkward when some people didn’t remember her name. A few neighbors had brought presents like stationery or jars of peanuts wrapped in tissue, but it was clear my mom wouldn’t open them, since she kept saying “Thank you for coming!” after her first nibbles at the frosting.
She was swaying strangely in her beige flats. I tried to make grown-up party talk like I’d seen on TV, but nobody was interested in me, and I was distracted by my mom’s voice, which was that of a little girl, with too much breath and fear and pitch. I didn’t want anyone to see her like this; she usually stayed indoors when she was her tiniest self; the voice was a precursor to one of her marathon migraines. I had forgotten about getting anything to drink, so there was only the pink wine, and people drank tap water out of our mugs and the walls were getting too close and almost sweaty and the people seemed to want to leave but I couldn’t go home with them.
In the morning my mother thanked me for the party; she had spent the night getting soothed by Ron, and I had spent it counting and recounting my stuffed animals, touching their noses and tapping their heads in my special code, so I could face my mom again.
When I left my mother’s house at 14, I took only four things: a big bag of clothes, her dime-store eyelash curler, a photograph of my crossing guard, and my ” data-disable-toolbar=”true” data-disable-return=”true”>Holly Hobby diary from 1979. I had only wanted to grab quick and unnoticeable things from the house.
A judge had informed my father that kids could shift custody arrangements on their own as soon as they turned 14. This had always been my plan, to get away. I wanted it, but I also feared it, feared what it would do to my mother. Over Christmas break, at my father’s apartment, I secretly applied to private schools in San Francisco. The timing slipped up beneath me like a sheet of ice. And then I had to tell my mother.
I chose a moment when her back was to me, her arms full of laundry, as she was climbing the stairs.
“Mom?” I said, looking up at her wide back. I held the banister for support. “I applied to some high schools in San Francisco.”
She stopped. She didn’t put the laundry down.
Slowly, my mom climbed the rest of the stairs and disappeared into her room. She emerged a few seconds later, breathing heavily. “It’s your decision,” she said.
I started to climb up to her, but she motioned me to stop. “Your father can give you things I can’t. I knew you’d choose him one day.”
“It’s not about Dad,” I protested. “It’s about the school. There are some really good schools!”
My mom sighed, and her eyes filled with tears. “If you go to live with him, I’ll never see you again.”
I knew this was true. She would never come see me, and she wouldn’t call because I’d be living with my father. After I left, any connection would be up to me.
Because she had always relied on me. It had been my role to retrieve her from her months of sobbing after my father left and to interrupt the hours she’d spend in the tub in the dark. When she’d whisper “It’s just too hard to be here,” I’d rush around like a dog on ice to distract her: “Let’s watch a movie, let’s make popcorn, let’s look at my new dance! I’m making it up right now!”
It had been my role to shield her from the glances at the grocery store when she talked like a 5-year-old, counting the money that didn’t ” data-disable-toolbar=”true” data-disable-return=”true”>add up. I’d calmly ask the clerk to take out the ice cream and the sugar cereals, and yes, I’d tell the cashier, everything is fine. It had been my role to shake her to go back to the store when she’d drive away without my brother, when he was a toddler left screaming in the parking lot, waiting to be strapped in. It had been my role to keep my mom tethered—to me and to everything else. Somewhere deep and unspeakable inside me, I knew I had to get away.
It was after that that I got sick. My fever spiked to 102, then 103, and the pains in my belly were unbearable. My mom drove me to the hospital, and it was strange because it was called Children’s Hospital, and I hadn’t felt like a child for years. There was a kind nurse who stroked my head and called me poor baby, and then there was a needle in my arm and a doctor and a mask on my face, and I was being sped down a hallway on a gurney.
The doctor thought my appendix had ruptured, which was the reason for the rush. When they cut me open, though, they found nothing wrong at all. Later, the surgical reports from the hospital indicated that the operation lasted four hours, and they removed a perfectly healthy appendix and discovered some light endometriosis around my uterus. (They cut over to my right ovary, which was healthy and fine, and discovered only “streak tissue” where my left ovary should be: a birth defect, apparently, a missing piece.)

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Female domination strap ons

Carmenica Diaz has been writing & publishing erotic fetish eBooks since 2006.

F/m Stories to download. Chastity, cuckold, slavery, wives, feminisation & many others to download to read & keep.

© 2004 – 201 8 Carmenica Diaz.

Carmenica Diaz is the Mistress of Fetish & Female Domination Fiction with over ninety novels published! Carmenica Diaz specialises in stories of female domination with a special emphasis on enforced male chastity, humiliation, cuckolding and other forms of FemDom literature.

Carmenica Diaz has also written many classic transgender novels, mainly transgender romance, although Carmenica Diaz has published several forced femme novels in the Forced Into Stockings series.

The webpage and blog is updated daily with Femdom Art, Erotic Art, Kulturschlag, Fetish Peeks and free FemDom Stories.

FemDom Books published by Carmenica Diaz include: A Different Marriage, Addicted to Sally, A Little Spice, Andrea, Betrayed, Birthday Boy, Chaste Cuckold, Confessions of a Cuckold, Cruel Ryoko, The Dickson Device, Enslaved, Futureworld1:Lingerie Drone, Goddess Carly, Her Kinky Side, Madame Xan, Mrs Needham, Natural Selection, Personal Assistant, Body snatch.

Sentenced to Chastity, Shared Mistress, The Submissive Husband, The Vacation, A Wicked Web, A Woman Scorned, The Cage, Christmas With Megan, Entrapment, Milked!, Voyeur, Diary of a Chaste Husband, Plastered!, Weekend Slave, The Mistress Next Door, Fidelity, A Henpecked Husband, A Different Marriage, The Loving Mistress, Modern Slavery, Office Chastity, Mirror, Mirror, The Star Society, Village Life, Cruel Women, Tough Love, The Maya Twins, Bound, Toys, The Humiliation of Claudia, Kryztal, Maid To Serve, Owned by Stacy, The Possession of Emma, Property of Stacy, The Seduction of Charity, Shame.

Transgender Books published by Carmenica Diaz Include : Other Shoes, The Alchemy Series, Avenging Annie, Body Double, Both Sides Now, Catherine Lawrence, Dreamsome, Elizabeth Grey, Madeline Ryan, Searching For Jim, Second Chance, Body Snatch, An Unconventional Girl, The Boyfriend, Honey, Space Angel, Suzie Wang, The Secretary.

Collections of short stories published by Carmenica Diaz Include : Erotic Episodes,All the Dominant Wives, Best of Carmenica Diaz, Dominant Wives 1, Dominant Wives 2, Dominant Wives 3, Dominant Wives 4, Dominant Women, Erotic Episodes, Lana and Other Stories, Teasing Tales, Wicked Women.

Adult Comics published by Carmenica Diaz Include : Black & White, The Break Up, Captured By Julia, Callisto, Chastity Tease, The Cuckold’s Tale 1, The Cuckold’s Tale 2, Literary Service, Perfect Strangers, Play Total Control 1, Play Total Control 2, Trixie.

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A celebration gone wrong!

The girls invited the guy over to a birthday party. He thought he’d get lucky with no other guys around, but the girls got lucky instead tying him up, making him wear pantyhose and ruining his ass forever with their big, hard, shiny strapon cocks. Talk about a party out of control!

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This fucker was so overwhelmed by the taste of his Mistresss pussy that he couldnt notice anything around. Well, worse for him. The clicks of his other dommes heels were followed by unbearable burning pain in his asshole. Her fingers slid into him one by one stretching his ass so wide wider than ever before and wider than he thought was possible. It was just the beginning though. On that night he got to feel his body limits so fine writhing and bawling from pain!

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A bossy lady sitting in kitchen with her feet on the table while her sissified male slave is washing the dishes with bare butt… Good kick in the ass for the modern world full of sexist stereotypes, huh? And this is only the beginning of the whole thing soon the mistress will get bored, will get up and make her sissy boy eat her pussy and rim her ass till both of those yummy openings are squeaky clean. Whats next? Next she will fist his ass and destroy it completely with a monster strap-on!

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Femdom 365.

Free Femdom Movies.

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Asian Girl Katsumi – Cumshot Compilation.

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Electric CBT Milking With Doctor Alice.

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Kates Palace 50 Videos.

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Herrin Silvia.

Herrin Silvia is a dominatrix from Berlin with the main attention to female domination and strict education of her slaves.

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Mia Malkova – Mia’s Chastity Gimp.

Mistress Mia Malkova loves to tease and deny her slaves of pleasure while she uses them for her own needs. Encased in latex and strapped down helplessly, her gimp slave can only suffer as Mia mocks his chastised cock, asking the slave how much he wishes his cock could be in her tight, warm pussy, then laughing at his pleas for release.

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The Upper Hand – Gigi Allens.

The Upper Hand – Gigi Allens.

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Lady Anette – Extreme Savage Punishments.

This clip contains all parts from the “Extreme savage punishment” series.

1. Lady Anette starts the caning with a thick, brutal bamboo cane. She breaks one on his ugly ass, but she has an other. The slave can only moan from the pain!

Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 5949kbps.

Femdom City.

The mother of all femdom in the net.

Adults ONLY! Please click on your back button now if you are under 18 years of age, are offended at all by such material, or if it is illegal to view adult material in your community. This page contains links to adult-oriented sites and is not acting in any way to send you this information; you are choosing to receive it.

Updated on 10 March 2018 – 14 femdom sites and 1 femdom story added.

Directory to thousands of online female domination, Mistresses, Dominatrix and foot domination sites around the world.

Free femdom site reviews, exclusive hosted galleries and contribution galleries of the best femdom pictures and video clips.

Free femdom stories.

Femdom tube videos.

These web pages are not to be viewed by minors. If you are a parent and you want to block this site, please contact.

Sensual Sadist.

Femdom Stories & Vignettes: Cruel Dominant Women & Slave Men & Masochists.

Free Femdom Erotic Stories & Art.



Sadomasochistic female supremacy stories. The men are presumed to have signed unbreakable (ignoring legal reality) slavery contract. Their motivation is belief in female superiority and supremacy. The men have given themselves to Dommes. To be women’s property. The Mistress Owners enjoy masculine pain and shame. Men are contemptible scum.

Female-led Domestic Discipline Stories.

Female domination in the manner of female-led relationships. Mistress Wives and Domme girlfriends dominate their husbands, boyfriends and lovers. The most common form of discipline is spanking. Mouth soaping, corner time and other traditional forms of punishments are normative parts of F/m relationships. Corporal punishment’s aim is often to improve male deportment. Some stories are romances. Many feature older women, mature Dommes. Enforced chastity is commonplace. Femdomous has more forced feminization and sissification vignettes than the others sites. It is the mildest.


Imaginary worlds where female superiority has culminated in political and social female supremacy. Matriarchal fascist states. Gynarchic authoritarian governments run exclusively by women. Men have no civil or human rights. Males are property, chattels of Mistress Owners. Sometimes female totalitarianism is benign. More often men subhuman servitors, dehumanized laborers. Female sadism is common. Cruelty is an art form. My most popular story site.


Dommes Kidnap, Train Sell Men.

Originally the site was intended to feature vignettes about exceptionally cruel dominant women. No heterosexuals romance. Sometimes a pair of women torments a single male. The most frequent topic has been professional Femdom slavers. They are women who kidnap men. Often, they train them. Training is usually physically painful. Brainwashing helps convert the formerly free man, into a slave. Once the male is trained, he sold, often by auction, to Dommes seeking new slave men. Humiliation, demasculinization, corporal punishment, are typical story elements.

Vignettes of cruel Dommes who own men. They use pain to train their slaves. And hurt their slaves because male suffering amuses them. Often with a female supremacy context. Newest site, fewest posts..

NB : all the female supremacy stories (on all my sites) spring from comments men have left on my sites for over a decade. I went from trying to dissuade them to entertaining them. I have no sermons. Advocate, if anything, only R.A.C.K. My only hope is to give pleasure.


Each story site is individual. There is no good reason to publish different sites if themes and topic are not handled distinctly. The sites go through phases. Sometimes the vignettes are gentle, even romantic.

Other times the focus may be strict female authority. Psychological discipline may be my focus. There may be a streak of erotic humiliation. Corporal punishment appears often on all sites. Each has its own flavor of enforced male chastity. If you like female domination fiction, sample all four.


Female Led Relationships (Net)

One of my oldest female domination sites. Theories, opinions, lore about enforced male chastity, mandatory male nudity, forced feminization, female superiority and other aspects of women’s domination of submissive men. FLR. Net has more comments than any of my other sites. This is where I first wrote F/m vignettes.

Female Led Relationship (Com)

Another early female domination site. It was here that I first published F/m fiction. Little of was written by me. Many tales were rescued from the old Usenet newsgroups (stories without claim of ownership or copyright). Many of the Femdom stories are much longer. There is great diversity. Most of it I did not effort (lack of time.) Still popular. When people submit stories to publish, this is one site where I post others’ Femdom fiction. There is a large amount of old F/m photographs.


Femdom Dating.

I met dominant women. My naive hope was to help other men meet a Mistress, Domme, Dominatrix, Domina (choose your label). My advice is worth what you pay for it.

Femdom Chastity.

Enforced male orgasm denial is one of the most popular form of male submission. No practiced is more frequently discussed, analyzed and fantasized about. Every day men masturbate about being forbidden to wank. To even be denied orgasms for the rest of their lives. This F/m site was my little addition to the conversation.

Femdom Romance.

A modest effort to talk about romantic female domination and male submission.



Sober thoughts about Femdom. Learning to distinguish between likely and impossible forms of female domination. Blended with celebrations of the delights of erotic fantasies, the exhilaration of masochism and the joyous serenity of submission. (Or whatever you personally experience.)

BDSM Romance:

This is the only personal site listed. Not that my opinions are absent from all the other sites. BDSM Romance originated as a personal site. While posts are in the contexts of M/m and F/m gender is often irrelevant. Erotic power exchange and consensual sadomasochistic play can be influenced by gender. At the most basic level BDSM, D/s, WIITWD – whatever label you prefer – (I like RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink) is deep in the brain.


Femdom Artists.

Femdom Artists in the oldest site. I started posting female domination artwork before Tumblr and Pinterest went online. No human being can compete with Tumblr. (But more of the art I post has the artists’ names.) Pinterest is prudish. Most Femdom art will never appear on Pinterest.

I wish I could restart the site using the knowledge of website publishing. Femdom Artist has at least 5,000 images of dominant women and submissive men. (Since some pages have more than one illustration, it is impossible for me to know the total.)

I continue to add to the collection, posting individual pictures and galleries of newly discovered F/m illustrators.

Eric Stanton Archive.

My site devoted to the Femdom and fetish drawings of Eric Stanton. No female domination artist has been more imitated (or been a source of inspiration). The site collects Eric Stanton stories, cover art, cartoons and illustrations. And the contents of many issues of Stantoons.

Gene Bilbrew Archive.

A modest site containing only the fetish and female domination illustration of Gene Bilbew (aka Eneg, Van Rod, etc.). At his best Bilbrew was an excellent artist. Stories from magazine, book and magazine covers.

Bernard Montorgueil: Femdom Gallery.

A modest site devoted to the erotic Femdom elegance of Bernard Montorgueil.

Rubex’s Femdom Art.

A small site devoted to the cruel, dangerous nurses. Men are never healed in these sinister. Femdom hospitals.

Fetish Artists.

Fetist Artists is another large kinky art site. It includes Femdom artwork. Also Woman/woman, Man/man and Man/woman and Female/transvestite. F/m art has its own tag, so it is easy to focus only on the Femdom art.



I have variously described this as 100% (meaningless) or Femdom Everything (not helpful). The site has stories. None by me. People submit F/m fiction. I post some of it here. Lots of vintage Femdom photographs: dominatrices and female domination sessions. Lots and lots of Femdom art. Femdom captions. Vintage Femdom magazine covers (photographic and drawn).

The best way to navigate this site (and most of my other sites) is to read the tag list and click on the subjects that interest you most. My sites also have search boxes. That works only when you and I use the same words.


Do to age, mood, workload, relationship status, the sites have evolved differently. Some folks follow several. Others only one. My hope is that you find something you enjoy. If you do, please leave a comment.

Reader remarks guide me. I have often followed readers’ leads. The specific enthusiasm of my visits has reshaped my own taste. Or at least given me an insight into what Femdom folk like.

Richard Evans Lee aka Polyfetishist aka Richard.Publisher.

(Femdomocrat, Femdomous, Femdomonomist, Femdomarch, Femdomosopher.

Female domination strap ons

©Copyright 2002-2010 BSB International. , All Rights Reserved.

Starring: Gia Paige, Allie Rae, Jacky Joy, Kaylee Hilton.

Part 1: Brunette Mistress Gia and Blonde Slavegirl Allie, two beautiful young ladies playing very wicked games. Gia demands to have her pussy worshipped by her slave girl Allie Rae. Allie is excited to comply. They revel in a day of facesitting, ass worship, ass kissing, and pussy smothering.

Part 2: Mistress Jacky Joy, with her sinful body and huge tits, is incredible on her own. Slavegirl Kaylee, with her cute face and sick body, could make you melt just standing still. Put them together and the fireworks will have you cumming in your pants!

Starring: Kaylee Hilton, Jacky Joy, Allie Rae, Gia Paige.

Unbelievable Lesbian Domination action.

In part 1, Sexy as hell Kaylee Hilton takes charge of big tit Slavegirl Jacky Joy. She commands her to eat her pussy and dive deep into her ass, making her cum again and again. The heat blazing off these two tanned, toned bodies will make you sweat buckets.

Enjoy up-close angles of every position, every lick, every wet satisfied hole.

Starring: Kodi Gamble, Cece Stone,

Ashley Winters, Brandi Aniston.

We’ve got BIG BOOBS, 3 BRUNETTES , and one HOT BLONDE ! You’ll never see a finer collection of JUICY ASSES worth licking. Throw in a SYBIAN, a dildo strapped to a girl’s face, and you’ve got one hell of a party.

Starring: Kodi Gamble, Cece Stone,

Nikki Daniels, Courtney Taylor.

Hot Lesbian Ass licking with girls with ALL NATURAL TITS of the highest quality. From petite 34Bs to really nice 34DDs.

Our first scene features Mistress Cece Stone catching her slave Kodi Gamble masturbating without permission. This is totally unacceptable behavior. Cece decides to teach Kodi a lesson by smothering her with juicy ass. In addition, because Kodi lacks the needed equipment to satisfy her properly, Cece straps a dildo to Kodi’s face and has her fuck Cece’s pussy. Cece dominates and smothers her sex slave Kodi to worship her pussy and ass and controls her breathing in this hot lesbian domination scene.

In scene 2 AMAZON GODDESS Courtney Taylor totally dominates Slave Nikki Daniels . You can tell that Nikki is very submissive here, and will do anything Courtney requests. This scene features a lot of great ASS LICKING from Nikki . Courtney has her under her complete control and uses her to orgasm over and over again, riding her slave girls tongue and dominating her with her ass.

Starring: Nikki Daniels, Brandi Aniston,

Ashley Winters, Courtney Taylor.

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So, who are the Johns?

So, who are the Johns?
According to Veronica (last name withheld) — also a resident of Destiny House and a former “phone girl” for a 900 number that used to send out women — they can be anyone. She said she’s talked to clients who were doctors, businessmen, celebrities, musicians, politicians, pastors, rabbis and military members.
Lobert said that while, at times, background checks could be done on clients, there were many instances when she was raped at gunpoint.
Lancaster stressed that there needs to be more programs to help sex trafficking survivors reintegrate into society.
“Society needs to become more compassionate toward women in this industry,” she said. “Everyone has a story, and people need to open their heart and listen to what these women have gone through.
“I’ve talked to victims who said they were choked, raped, hung out the window, held at gunpoint, punched, kicked and called all sorts of names. The homicide rate is very high with women who have been trafficked. The cultural mindset about sex trafficking victims is that they are putting themselves at risk, so they are not victims. That’s not the case.”
Which is why nonprofits such as Hookers for Jesus work to transition women back into society. With a financial assistance network, peer support and religious outreach, Lobert hopes to help rescue as many women as possible from a life of abuse.
“Everyone is ultimately looking for love,” Lobert said. “We need to heal our society. We need to focus on healing our families. People just want to be accepted, and it’s never too late to change your life.”
For more information on Hookers for Jesus, visit
Editor’s note: This is part one in series on sex trafficking in Las Vegas. Part two, focusing on children, is set to run May 5.
Izismile – In fun we trust.
American prostitutes. Part 3 (25 pics)
24 Feb 2009 221738 views.
I was wrong. They’ve been found and the mugshots were made.
It’s hard to believe that there are people who actually pay for having 30 minutes of “love” with them.
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One of the biggest misconceptions about the city of Las Vegas is the legality behind prostitution. Despite the popular belief that just about anything in Vegas is legal, the state of Nevada prohibits prostitution in county’s with more than 400,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately for some, Las Vegas has a population that rounds out more around the 580,000 mark – creating a road block for anybody looking to score a one-night-stand with a lady of the night. Any trip outside the county limits to a city like Pahrump changes the provisions of the prostitution law, but it’s still not 100% legal. Even in areas where prostitution is legal, individuals can still be arrested up for soliciting sex outside of a licensed brothel.
So, if you’ve made your trip to Vegas in hopes of a taboo-filled night, you’re going to have to change your game plan. Be wary of temptation though, as the higher end Las Vegas casinos are still the home of many hookers who wish to cash in off of the daringly stupid or unfortunately naive visitors. These working girls usually hang out in casino bars, offering up tales of money woes, and keep their intentions to themselves until they’ve roped you in. If you look at all like you have money, chances are you’re going to be a target for them. Be wary of random girls approaching you and always make sure there is no price tag attached before going back to a hotel room.
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This will seem strange and confusing to some people. It is neither strange nor confusing to me; I’ve been exposed to the tactics of the pro-prostitution lobby for too long to be surprised or confused by these sorts of seemingly tangled and nonsensical tactics. What people need to understand is that they are not nonsensical. These are obscurest policies and they are purposeful and predictable, and when you understand their purpose you will have no problem predicting them too.

This will seem strange and confusing to some people. It is neither strange nor confusing to me; I’ve been exposed to the tactics of the pro-prostitution lobby for too long to be surprised or confused by these sorts of seemingly tangled and nonsensical tactics. What people need to understand is that they are not nonsensical. These are obscurest policies and they are purposeful and predictable, and when you understand their purpose you will have no problem predicting them too.
Their purpose is consistently the same; it is to deny and refute the sick and twisted nature of what actually goes on in prostitution. The truth they don’t want to you know is that men who pay for sex will most often opt to pay for a fifteen-year-old over a seventeen-year-old, a seventeen-year-old over a nineteen-year-old, a nineteen-year-old over a twenty-one-year-old, and so on and so forth.
Now, let me be very clear about this – I will be called a liar for having asserted the above. It will be said that I am trying to demonise punters, that I am telling lies about their preferences and proclivities. I wish I was. In my first year in prostitution, when I was fifteen-years-old, I was used by countless hundreds of men; I truly couldn’t say how many. I saw up to ten men a day so you may do the maths for yourself (the thoughts of doing that calculation disturbs me). As I stated in my Examiner article back in February, men were so obviously aroused by my youth it made them climax very quickly, so I soon learned to tell them how old I was in order to shorten the whole ordeal. I made it a policy; it was one of the first things I said when I got into the car – not that I needed to bring up the subject because it was usually one of the first questions asked of me.
In all those hundreds of men, one man, just ONE, turned his van around and brought me back to where he’d found me.
So yes, those who advocate for legalised or decriminalised prostitution will do their damnedest to obscure the truth about the high commercial value placed on young bodies in prostitution, all the while squawking ‘Where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence?’ – like some kind of belligerent and demented parrot, with all the repetitiveness and severe comprehension issues you’d expect. All beak and no brains, in other words.
This is to be expected; of course the pro-prostitution lobby don’t want you to know that girls who are post-puberty by only a year or two are routinely lusted after, sought out, highly prized and then abused for enough years ‘till they’ve lost much of their commercial value. If that was widely known, it would do a great deal of damage to the autonomous, sexually-liberated, empowerment fantasy depiction they are consistently trying to peddle.
As for ‘Where’s the evidence?’ – I don’t need to ask that question. When I was a fifteen-year-old prostitute I was FAR more in-demand than I ever was as a twenty-two-year-old, even though at twenty-two I was slim, pretty, and an extremely youthful woman; but therein lay the problem. I was a woman .
There is huge emphasis placed on the commercial value of youth in prostitution. ‘The evidence’ is in every brothel and red-light zone in the land, and I know that because I lived the evidence.

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Feb 17th 2013 by prostithroaway • 25 Questions • 1507 Points.
I have sent my contract to the mods as proof, just due to confidentiality issues. I work, full time, as a prostitute in a full service brothel. I'm 23 (21 according to the books) and have been working in the Australian sex industry for just over a year. My partner knows about my work, and accepts it and is also happy to answer your questions. Ask me anything you could think of except for pictures. :P.
EDIT: Just so you know, I might be offline for a couple of hours at a time while I nap. I take what I can get with my job. ;P.
EDIT: This absolutely blew up overnight. I apologise if I haven't gotten to your question yet, I'm getting to as many as I have time for while I'm going down the thread. My partner will be around to answer questions after he's finished work, and I'll keep answering as many as I can until then.
Thank you for the questions, both good and not so good! Everybody has a different opinion on my sort of work, so I'm enjoying reading all of it.
EDIT: Still answering, I'm sorry it's taking so long. My inbox is absolutely flooded, so I'll definitely get to you at some point. Patience, reddit. Your time will come.
1)How does society treat you, and others in the industry like you in general? 2)Did you meet your partner before or after you began work in the sex industry?
2) Before. We discussed the idea beforehand, as I'd decided that I did not want to rely on him for money. He was iffy, I did it anyway, and now he hasn't got a problem with it. He also likes hearing my weird stories after I come home.
EDIT: Let me be clear. He wasn't iffy about my working. He was iffy about whether or not I was safe, and the work was consensual.
How often do you enjoy the sex? What made you go into prostitution? How much is sex?

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